Two Enrollment Guys

Higher Ed Webinar Series

Our webinar series stars two of our enrollment junkies, Corey Baker and Josh Bistromowitz. They tackle a common challenge in admissions, enrollment and marketing. Sometimes they take on the topic on their own, and sometimes you’ll hear from special guests and subject matter experts.

With nearly 30 years of combined experience in higher ed, they’ve been in the game long enough to know how things have always been done—but are also savvy enough to ask the right questions, challenge the status quo and offer new solutions.

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The Guys

Josh Bistromowitz
Josh Bistromowitz
Enrollment + Marketing Consultant

Bringing 15 years of wide-ranging higher education experience to MediaCross, Josh has led recruitment initiatives for a NCAA Division I public institution, a small IT Certification school and a metropolitan private school. From customizing student programming for transfer and adult students, modernizing admitted student events, to rejuvenating new student search efforts and implementing two CRMs, Josh understands varied student audiences, their influencers and the ideal channels to reach them.

At MediaCross, Josh works with new college and university partners to identify challenges and provide customized solutions to meet their goals.

Corey Baker
Corey Baker
Senior Lead Strategist

Corey has 13 years of hands-on experience with virtually every facet of the student lifecycle, with extensive experience in communication management, implementing and leveraging university CRMs, and transforming the campus visit experience. He continually focused on optimizing and automating recruitment processes, all while ensuring each student had a personalized experience.

At MediaCross, he leads the strategic development and implementation for a variety of higher education marketing initiatives, which includes enrollment-driven digital marketing, CRM and CMS integrated digital viewbooks and student communication planning.

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