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Founded in 1987, MediaCross has been connecting the dots on big challenges for over 30 years.

We have one job: to compel your audience to act.

It’s not that simple, of course. There are a lot of moving parts. Plenty of behind the scenes brainstorming and strategizing. And a fair share of late nights and early mornings. But in the end, as a full-service agency focused on recruitment marketing, it’s our job to help you find the right audience, at the right time and tell them your story.

We were doing
marketing before
it was a thing.

Our Name Says it All

Since 1987, MediaCross has been ahead of its time. Our name reflects a comprehensive approach to marketing campaigns. As technology and audiences have evolved, so have we.

After all these years, we still believe in a dynamic approach to cross-channel marketing. Every client is an opportunity to bridge online and offline media to create cohesive campaigns that meet in the middle and defy expectations.

We Are What We Value

Guided by our passion and purpose to do work that matters, we channel what we say, what we do, and who we do it with through a specific set of values:





The Power
of People

To advance an organization, you need the right mix of forward-thinking experts, creative-minded visionaries, and goal-oriented go-getters. We are those people. A natural extension of your team. Always ready. Always engaged.

A marketing maven and convergent thinker, Jen is the type of leader you want by your side. Skilled at managing big budgets and addressing complex ongoing client needs, Jen has over 20 years of recruitment marketing experience. And that’s just at MediaCross, where she has helped the business evolve and thrive in a competitive marketplace. As CEO she remains on the front lines, actively involved in the day-to-day operations, and always ready to do work that matters.
Jennifer Umali
Able to employ student-focused marketing strategies in a single bound, Jessica is somewhat of a superhero in the world of higher ed. With extensive agency and college-side admissions and marketing experience, Jess understands the student recruitment journey from the ground up. She applies her vast knowledge from both sides of the desk to lead our higher education marketing initiatives.
Jessica Shasserre
VP of Higher Education Marketing
For any company to run smoothly, they need a Gretchen. Thankfully, we have the one and only. Adept at operations and personnel management, Gretchen wears many hats at MediaCross … and they all seem to fit her perfectly. Her desire to seek solutions, along with her legendary ability to simultaneously oversee multiple organizational initiatives, make Gretchen an indispensable asset to the MediaCross team.
Gretchen Borzillo, SHRM-SCP
VP, HR & Operations
We all want to be a little more like Mike. A master programmer and a consummate solution seeker, Mike does more than create beautiful, accessible websites. He’s the architect of all things digital at MediaCross. His ability to provide clear concise answers to complex programming questions, make him a favorite among clients and colleagues. Plus, he’s funny. Really funny. Oh, and did we mention he’s multilingual? So, there’s that, too.
Mike Amelung
VP of Technology
Bringing 15 years of higher ed experience to MediaCross, Josh has led recruitment initiatives for an NCAA Division I public institution, a small IT Certification school, and a metropolitan private school. Having customized programming for transfer and adult students, modernized admitted student events, rejuvenated new student search efforts, and implemented two CRMs, Josh understands varied student audiences, their influencers, and the ideal channels to reach them. Here, Josh works with new partners to identify challenges and provide customized solutions for their goals.
Josh Bistromowitz
Enrollment + Marketing Consultant
Hannah Reed
Assistant Director of Admissions - Recruitment and Marketing
University of North Georgia
We appreciate how approachable MediaCross has been every time we have questions about a new project or idea. Everyone at MediaCross provides high-quality customer service, ensuring that every question is answered in detail to make sure we understand the full scope of the project at hand.

Are you ready to do work that matters?

If you’re ready to get serious about your marketing efforts, we’re ready to take you there.